Why You Need Travel Insurance

Let’s talk travel insurance… With the recent pandemic canceling trips left and right, many of us are losing out on valuable funds. With some travel insurance companies not providing any provisions for pandemics, it leads one to wonder what’s the point of having travel insurance if it doesn’t provide you with, well, insurance?
It protects your investment. You spent an entire year saving up enough for your dream vacation to Bora Bora and you are set to leave in three days! All of a sudden, you become sick and aren’t able to make your flight. You call the various vendors you’ve booked with, including air, hotel, and tours – and while they hope you feel better they remind you of their policy that states no refunds if you are in the 14-day window prior to your arrival. So what happens now?
If you have travel insurance, it will cover the amount spent (so long as you have the required documentation) and you aren’t out of a couple of stacks because of something completely out of your control.
It protects your health when on vacation. Let’s say you get sick AFTER you land in Bora Bora and you are in need of a doctor. With travel insurance, you won’t have to worry because your insurance will reimburse you for your cost of care (just make sure to provide the required documentation).
It protects you should your luggage become lost or stolen. You’ve finally touched down in Bora Bora and you are amazed at the beauty of the island you saw while the plane was descending. You wait at the baggage claim for your luggage so you can begin your adventure. And wait. And wait. Then the realization that your luggage has been lost hits you, but you aren’t worried. You were prepared for this by keeping an extra set of clothes in your carry-on and purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance will reimburse you for your lost or stolen baggage so you can focus on getting some retail therapy before you officially begin your adventure. 
I know what you are thinking. This all sounds great but travel insurance doesn’t cover pandemics. Well, there is a solution for that: Cancel For ANY Reason travel insuranceCancel For Any Reason insurance is more expensive than the traditional plans offered, but it can save you tons in circumstances where an act of nature, like a pandemic, keeps you from getting your vacay on.
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