W  H  E  R  E     A  R  E     W  E     G  O  I  N  G  ?

Free Dive and Explore in Barbados!


Free Dive Experience

Get ready for an unparalleled adventure with our Free Diving Experience led by René Daniella, the renowned Free Diving Princess. Dive into the world of free diving over two thrilling days, guided by certified experts native to Barbados. Explore both land and water, savor local cuisine, cruise the stunning coastlines on a luxurious yacht, discover Barbados’ geological secrets, enjoy a rum experience, and embark on thrilling activities. This is more than a vacation; it’s a life-changing odyssey, so dive in and create lasting memories.

Our destination, Barbados, the 21-by-14-mile Caribbean paradise that embodies crystal blue waters, fine powdery sand, brilliant turquoise bays and smashing nightlife, is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean as the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies. Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, is the epicenter, with its eclectic mix of rag-tag, shanty-style vendors hawking everything from homegrown vegetables, fruits, underwear, toiletries, cleaning products, clothes, and purses.

The Barbados Free Diving Experience is more than just a blend of diving and sightseeing; it’s a unique opportunity for you to become a certified free diver while immersing yourself in the rich culture of this island nation. Just like our previous BGTT travelers, free divers share a common desire—to explore new and diverse parts of the world, creating an even more enticing experience.

While exploring Barbados, you’ll discover its hidden treasures, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, and make a meaningful difference by supporting local black-owned businesses. Your journey isn’t solely about becoming a free diver; it’s a path towards leaving a positive mark and forming lasting connections.

W  H  E  N     A  R  E     W  E

  G  O  I  N  G  ?

October 17th  –  October 23rd  2 0 2 4


Who is the free diving experience is for?

This Black Girls Travel Too Barbados Free Diving Experience is tailored to those who crave personal growth, desire to dive into new experiences, yearn for a touch of excitement in their lives, and are on a journey to unlock their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

A few ways your free diving experience can transform lives and make real impact:

Personal Growth: Learning free diving requires discipline, focus, and overcoming fears. It can boost participants’ confidence, enhance their mental resilience, and teach them to push their limits, which can positively impact various aspects of their lives.

• Environmental Awareness: Free diving often fosters a deep connection to the ocean and its ecosystems. As participants explore Barbados’ underwater world, they become more aware of marine conservation issues. This newfound awareness can inspire them to take action to protect the environment.

  • Cultural Exchange: Engaging with local instructors and communities during the course promotes cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. It can lead to meaningful interactions, mutual learning, and a deeper connection to the local culture.
  • Supporting Local Economies: When travelers choose certified free diving courses provided by local instructors and businesses, they contribute to the local economy. Supporting local businesses can have a significant positive impact on the community.
  • Building Lifelong Bonds: Sharing a challenging and exhilarating experience like free diving creates strong bonds among participants. These connections can lead to long-lasting friendships and a supportive network, both during and after the trip.
  • Promoting Health and Well-Being: Free diving encourages a healthy lifestyle, focusing on physical fitness, relaxation, and mindfulness. Travelers often return home with improved overall well-being and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Inspiring Others: Participants who complete a free diving course may inspire friends and family to take up the activity or get involved in other adventurous pursuits, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

T  H  E     R  U  N     D  O  W  N

Upon your arrival, the Barbadian culture permeates you! The island appeals to a vast array of travelers and you will quickly experience the beauty, challenges, and determination of the Bajan people.

Indulge in six nights of tranquil rest at a beachfront hotel, just steps away from the serenity of the beach. Our BGTT experience will immerse you in the vibrant community, rich culture, and mouthwatering cuisine, allowing you to feel like a true local. Within walking distance from our hotel, a plethora of shops and eateries await, tempting you with Bajan delicacies such as fried flying fish, macaroni pie, rice “n” peas, curry lamb, and more! As you swiftly adapt to the Barbados landscape, you’ll wander the charming streets, explore the lush interior adorned with gardens, and connect with the warm and hospitable local population.

Embarking on this unforgettable journey that combines two days of immersing yourself in the breathtaking turquoise waters of Barbados with an exhilarating guided tour of our enchanting cave systems. Dive into the world of free diving, savor the flavors of rum during a tasting session, experience the thrill of zip-lining, and set sail along the picturesque Bajan coastline, all while basking in the glorious Caribbean sun. There has never been a more compelling time to seize the opportunity and join this extraordinary free diving experience in Barbados than right now. Don’t miss out on this adventure of a lifetime!

LOCAL ADVISED ITINERARY . . .When you travel with Black Girls Travel Too, we offer the unique blend of both major attractions and off the beaten path experiences to ensure you a well-rounded experience in the city.

THE ROYAL TREATMENT . . .We have mastered the art of customer care, with 24/7 online team member access before, during and after your travels with BGTT. From currency conversion to transportation, we got you covered and will ensure you have an epic experience from start to finish.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER IN TOW . . . You heard us right, every day will be a photoshoot! You’ll be so immersed in the moment as we take the island, and professional photographs will allow you to relive the moment time and time again. Daily, a digital link will be delivered to you with the previous day’s memories. Giving you the power to share on your favorite social media accounts as you please!

INTIMATE GROUPS . . . We pride ourselves on offering small intimate tours to ensure each traveler a richer experience. Unlike large tour groups, traveling with a small group allows us more flexibility and to be less conspicuous for exploring with the locals.

Inclusive Round Trip airport transfers from and to Grantley Adams International Airport are included in your perks for traveling with BGTT. Hello stress free traveling!


So, you’ve had your heart set on a Free Diving for some time now...

You followed our experiences that have spanned all corners of the world, you witnessed thousands of travelers grace our Instagram and other social media platforms, you pinned your life away on Pinterest planning the trip you work hard for and deserve, the desire to immerse yourself in a modern and classic culture has you up in arms with excitement, but there’s a hesitation.

What is it like traveling with Black Girls Travel Too? This is new territory for me so how can I be sure I’ll enjoy myself, and my closet loved ones are skeptical, in turn, having me question should I invest in this experience?

With Black Girls Travel Too, your hesitations are our motivations. As a premier black-owned and operated traveling service we’ve dealt with our share of skepticism and prejudices early on, now we accredit our passion of going above and beyond a traveler’s expectations to ensuring you the invaluable experience you deserve to be a part of. That hesitation you may be experiencing is familiar to us as well. A stigma placed on women of color is that we are uncultured even undeserving of a life filled with jet-setting and pages of passport stamps.  Nothing could be further from the truth, so we decided to change the rules.

By cultivating only the best partnerships across the globe, investing in premier quality customer care teams, immersing in education and vetting the world’s most prized possession, a black woman to take trips of a lifetime with, your life is forever changed for the better.

We silenced the noise and live up to no one’s expectations of our lives but our OWN!

You deserve a seat at this table, and we are saving one for you. It’s your time, pack your bags and let us take care of everything else!





Welcome to Barbados!

As soon as you touch down in Barbados, a friendly fast-track representative extends a warm welcome and stands ready to provide efficient customer support. Experience the ultimate convenience as you are personally escorted through a dedicated fast lane in customs, effortlessly saving you precious time and ensuring a hassle-free arrival process.

After you’ve savored all the delights at Grantley Adams Airport, our attentive transportation team will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. As you embark on the brief journey to your home away from home for the next 7 days, relish in the warmth of our hospitality with a refreshing complimentary cold beverage and a soothing cool towel to make you feel right at home. Indulging in our prestigious luxury condos sets the perfect scene for your upcoming 7-day getaway, promising an exquisite blend of comfort and relaxation that will leave you feeling truly pampered.

The afternoon unfolds like a canvas of possibilities, inviting you to craft your own unique experience tailored to your interests before a delightful meet and greet dinner later in the evening. Whether your heart desires the excitement of venturing out to Bridgetown (capital of Barados), the exploration of the vibrant local area, a visit to the charming Holders Farmers Market brimming with local delights, or an immersive journey through history at the Barbados Museum, the choice is yours to make the day truly your own.

The perfect evening draws to a close with a delectable dinner, creating a wonderful opportunity to forge connections and share experiences with our fellow BGTT Free Divers, all while savoring the delightful local cuisine.

Dinner Included




Good morning! Greeting the day with the breathtaking views of crystal-blue waters is an absolutely incredible way to kickstart your day in Barbados as part of the Black Girls Travel Too Free Dive Experience.

Commence your day on a delightful note with a mouthwatering Bajan breakfast, where you’ll continue to strengthen bonds and nurture a sense of camaraderie with your fellow travelers. Following this delicious meal, you’ll gear up for an exhilarating first day of your Free Diving course in the crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

After a fulfilling day of free diving, you’ll have the freedom to unwind and embrace relaxation. Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Dover or Pebbles Beach, bask in the warm embrace of the Bajan sun by the poolside or on the sandy shores. Whichever path you choose, you’re in for an experience you’ll truly cherish.

If you’re interested in further cultural immersions or exploring Barbadian heritage, you BGTT Ambassador can provide suggestions for optional activities during your free time. 

The choice is entirely yours for the afternoon, a time to relish your accomplishments from a rewarding day and embrace some well-deserved relaxation. You’ve not only made a meaningful contribution to the community but also had the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of Barbados.



Breakfast & Lunch Included




Good morning and rise to the occasion! Greeting each day with those awe-inspiring views in Barbados is a pure delight. It’s crystal clear that Black Girls Travel Too has thoughtfully crafted this experience to provide a harmonious blend of cultural immersion, valuable education, and moments of pure relaxation.


We kickstart our day with a hearty and delicious Bajan-style breakfast, setting the tone for another rewarding day ahead. Today marks the culmination of your free diving course, a testament to your dedication and determination to challenge yourself. Your decision to not only aspire but to actively participate has brought you to this remarkable point, where you are on the cusp of earning your well-deserved certification as a Free Diver.


Our day commences with an uplifting session of group yoga, awakening your senses and preparing you for the grand finale of this extraordinary journey. You’ll embark on this final leg with the guidance of top-notch instructors and the presence of the one and only René Daniella. Upon achieving your well-deserved certification, we’ll celebrate in authentic Bajan fashion, with the sizzling aroma of roasted breadfruit, delightful local Bajan sweets, and more to make this moment truly unforgettable.


Once your invigorating day of free diving comes to a close, the canvas of your leisure is yours to paint with boundless possibilities. Whether you crave tranquil moments on a nearby beach, diving into the vibrant heart of Bridgetown’s offerings, or orchestrating an exquisite blend of these experiences, the power to shape your perfect day is entirely in your hands.

Breakfast & Lunch Included




Following a delectable breakfast, an exciting opportunity awaits you – to join the BGTT team aboard a luxurious catamaran. As you set sail along the mesmerizing south and west coastlines of Barbados, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of the island’s natural splendor. The pristine Caribbean Sea provides the perfect canvas for a day brimming with adventure and relaxation. This catamaran escapade offers a plethora of water activities, from invigorating swims to enchanting snorkeling and even exploring the mysteries of sunken shipwrecks. However, the true gem of this journey lies in the chance to encounter majestic sea turtles up close, a unique and unforgettable experience that is certain to become a cherished highlight of your trip.

Breakfast & Lunch Included





Post a delicious breakfast, we’ll set out on a private island tour in a traditional style Bajan bus. This promises a mix of partying to local Bajan tunes and exploring the scenic beauty and diverse landscape of Barbados. 


During the tour, you’ll have the chance to visit notable landmarks such as Gun Hill and Cherry Tree Hill. These locations offer historical and picturesque perspectives of the island. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the east coast, showcasing the natural beauty of Barbados. The diverse geography of the island provides plenty of opportunities for stunning vistas. 


Following your adventure, we visit a popular neighborhood rum shop where we will have a true Bajan lunch before returning to our accommodations, where the remainder of the day is yours to do as you please.


Breakfast & Lunch Included




Beach Breakfast: Starting the day with a rest and recovery breakfast on the beach is a tranquil and beautiful way to soak in the last moments of your Barbados experience. The blue waters of Barbados provide a stunning backdrop for your morning meal.


Reflection and Relaxation: This breakfast offers a sublime moment to contemplate the incredible experiences you’ve encountered and the profound connections you’ve forged throughout your Barbados journey. You arrived on one of the world’s most exquisite islands and witnessed your own transformation into a more magnificent version of yourself. What you’ve achieved may not have been effortless, but we firmly believe it has been truly invaluable. It’s a precious time for unwinding and engaging in heartfelt conversations with your fellow adventurers, savoring every moment of this unique camaraderie.


Farewell Dinner: As the sun sets, you’ll gather one last time for a truly memorable farewell dinner. This evening holds a special place in our hearts, where you can fondly reminisce about the moments spent serving the vibrant communities of Barbados and the lasting impact you’ve created. Sharing heartfelt stories and reflecting on your transformative journey is the perfect way to conclude this remarkable adventure, leaving you with cherished memories that will forever light your path.


Breakfast & Dinner Included





Our final morning of an experience is always bitter sweet. As we come together for our last Bajan breakfast with your fellow travelers. It’s time to savor the flavors of the island and the camaraderie you’ve built throughout your journey.


As you prepare to start your journey back home, remember that the bonds and memories you’ve created with Black Girls Travel Too will stay with you. While it may be the end of this particular experience, it’s a see you again somewhere around the world soon. Travel has a way of bringing people together, and your shared experiences in Barbados are just the beginning of many more adventures to come. Safe travels, and may your future journeys be as enriching and memorable as this one!


Breakfast Included

W H A T ‘ S  I N C L U D E D  ?

















***Airfare Not Included***

***Please do not purchase airfare until you have received a confirmation email from Black Girls Travel Too confirming your reservations.***

G O T   Q U E S T I O N  S  ?

What is a Free Diving?

Freediving is the mesmerizing fusion of artistry and athleticism, an extraordinary discipline where one explores the depths beneath the surface with the power of a single breath.

How much spending money will I need in Barbados?

You will need about $500 USD.  However, if you wish to buy several gifts, you should bring additional $200.00 dollars or so.

What is the Barbadian conversion rate?

The currency of Barbados is the Barbadian Dollar (BBD).  The Barbadian Dollar is converted at the rate of $1.98 (BBD) to $1.00 (USD).  The Barbadian Dollar is fixed to the U.S. Dollar and do not fluctuate.  U.S. currency is accepted across the island and most stores and restaurants accept major credit cards.

Do I need a passport to travel to Barbados?


Are flights included in the purchase of the BGTT package? 

While flights are not included, we’re here to make your journey seamless. If you seek guidance in finding the perfect flight, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@blackgirlstraveltoo.com. Your adventure begins with us.

When should I purchase my airfare?

Secure your flight without delay as soon as you receive your confirmation email for Barbados. Your unforgettable journey awaits, and this is your first step toward an extraordinary experience.

What is the arrival airport? 

Your journey begins and ends at the vibrant Grantley Adams International Airport, identified by the airport code (BGI). This gateway to adventure awaits your arrival and departure, ready to usher you into the heart of Barbados.

How will I commute from Grantley Adams International Airport to my accommodations? 

Elevating your experience, we offer the gift of complimentary roundtrip airport transfers in beautiful Barbados. Your seamless arrival and departure are our commitment to making your journey extraordinary.

Where are we staying? 

Embark on a mesmerizing 7-day/6-night odyssey, taking residence in a delightful local hotel mere steps from the glistening shores of Barbados’ pristine beaches. Your stay is a symphony of comfort and coastal enchantment, promising unforgettable moments by the sea.

Are there any private rooms options available? 

Absolutely! For an exclusive haven all to yourself, a one-time charge of $790.00 secures your private room. To make this request, simply reach out to us at support@blackgirlstraveltoo.com. Your comfort is our priority.

I really want to travel with your group, but I feel like I may be too young or too old

Worry not! In the realm of travel, age is a mere whisper in the wind. Among our esteemed BGTT Experiencers, you’ll find a vibrant tapestry of adventurers spanning ages 21 to 65 years of age and beyond. Rest assured, not once has a traveler felt out of place due to their age when journeying with Black Girls Travel Too. Our inclusive embrace welcomes all, forging unforgettable bonds across generations.

Are your trips designed to serve large groups?

Quite the contrary! We hold a profound appreciation for the value of intimate gatherings. Our journeys are meticulously crafted to deliver a high-touch, exclusive experience, granting you access that often eludes larger groups. This distinctive adventure not only fosters a sense of community among fellow travelers but also opens doors to insider experiences beyond the reach of larger gatherings. Your passport to a world of exclusivity awaits.

W H A T  A B O U T

P A Y M E N T  P L A N S   ?


By purchasing a trip from Black Girls Travel Too, you acknowledge and are aware that the trip details are subject to change.  The itinerary was curated in good faith and any mention of specific destinations does not guarantee that they will be visited nor does it forfeit the contract between the purchaser and the seller. Our itinerary has been put together with care and intention, however as we may deem it fit to make adjustments that stem from political affairs, weather changes, local concerns, and etc. Our number one goal is to ensure that we provide you with a memorable experience. To ensure that our goal is your goal as well, print a final copy of your itinerary for your review prior to your departure for your trip. You also acknowledge and agree that there are inherent risks associated with any activities you may partake in. Therefore, you understand, agree, and assume full responsibility for such risk that you alone are responsible for based upon your decision to participate in such activities.  There are no refunds after confirmation of your reservation.  However, if your reservation is not confirmed due to availability you will be refunded in full.

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